Hello and Welcome to my Humanities portfolio!

I am not sure how you found yourself here, but I do hope you enjoy your stay.

This portfolio aims to encompass my experience during my time within my Humanities course at Davidson College. As for a quick guide, there are four tabs within this site, which holds essentials within our Humanities program. Through all of these tabs you will see my experience and the change in topics through our units.

Additionally, each tab has their own header image. Each header image has their own explanation and is under each tab. Have fun with that.

Lastly, all photos are cited under Creative Commons, unless stated otherwise!

-Here is a photo of me at my favorite spot at Davidson College, the infamous swing!

Here is a picture of me, hanging out and swinging around at my favorite spot of Davidson College!
Hi my name is Reem Fakhoury, here is a quick outlook on my world at Davidson, in my absolute favorite place!