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This header image, which is a picture I have taken of my Humes notebook which was given to me at the very beginning of the semester, to me has a full representation of Humanities and a personal connection to myself.

These pages you can vaguely see pictured are 2 of my utmost favorite pages within my red notebook. Within the picture you can see little doodles, words in little bubbles which are meant to stand out for purpose of memorizing or noting their importance.

I personally, believe that these pages show what my take away from Humes was as a whole. You can see the expression in these pages and how I made connections to other things, for example, on our Unit with Dr. Robb, we talked about the book written by Harry Frankfurt “On Bullshit” and there is a game called bullshit that, by Frankfurts definition, is not actually bullshit. Therefore, I drew cards. Humanities became personal for me, and this is a large part of humanities, the idea of definition and your perspectives influence. (You will see this idea re appear in the definitions section!)

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