“LANGUAGE and translation”

Unit 2 – Within Unit 2 we were given the option to go rogue.

During this unit, we had a conversation regarding language. This intrigued me deeply. I found myself extremely intrigued with this mostly because I was able to make a personal connection. I am trilingual, therefore, there are some words and Spanish and Arabic which cannot be directly translated to English and still hold their meaning.

For example, one of my questions within translation had lots to do with the idea of having a universal translation. Everyone has their own definitions which are based off of personal experience. Therefore, can there ever be one? If we interpret words differently and assign them with personal meaning, how could we find an unbiased definition especially when communication?

This then led me to the idea of Translation as a whole and its ability to keep things living. Although, it may seem as though this makes communicating much more difficult, however, it allows for learning experiences. This connects to my last point because, when thinking about the inability to translate certain words you have to find meaning within them. I could translate a poem of mine into Arabic and it could be given completely different meaning compared to the one it had when in English. More personally, the word Hurriya in Arabic means Freedom, however, based on personal experience and perspectives with this word, this directly translates in my head as “having a choice.” Therefore, if I were to have to translate a poem from Arabic to English and the word Hurriya was involved I would not use the word freedom to describe its meaning, however, the actual meaning is the word freedom.

The idea of translation really gets my wheels turning, and I believe it always will.

“Languages” by ialja is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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