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Unit 4 – Within Unit 4, our main focus was the comic book written by John Lewis “March.” We specifically focused on March book 2. Within this book, it was based off the story of the freedom riders. We were tasked with picking panels and or pages within the comic that deeply resonated with us.

The pages I picked, were focused on a child’s place during the Alabama protests. In the comic, we are given background context, Jim Bevel, who was originally a member of the SNCC left, and joined the SCLC. He did this in order to teach, or in the comics words ‘train Alabama’s children’. During these protests, which were held by children of all ages, all those that the police were able to arrest, were arrested.

With further research I found that this event is sometimes called “The Birmingham’s Children Crusade of 1963” In doing this further research I found that on the first day of the children’s protests they were just a arrested and many were back the next day. However, on the second day police were ordered and authorized to spray all the children with powerful hoses, threaten them with police dogs, and hit them with their batons. This created an even more severe effect on me.

I was already extremely effected by the comic on its own, however to now understand more within the children’s protest as a whole. I was originally extremely affected by the illustrations in the comics. For example, in one of the panels, on page 134, the middle panel in the last row, we are given the perceptive of seeming as though we are in the police van being arrested as well. This effected me very deeply because now, at the age of 18 I am unable to picture myself going to jail now, and added to the fact that these children were even younger than that and were arrested. Now, coming to the realization that even worse things continued to happen to these children. Additionally, in the Campus Commentary section of this portfolio I talk very personally towards my experience during the Raymond Santana talk given at Davidson. Therefore, now hearing this it has caused an even larger effect on me. Police brutality with children of color is something that hits close to home, being a child of color, however, to hear about these experiences in the depth I have has made this more evident for me.

Comic Sections used :

Comic section from March book #2, pages 134-135. These sections cover the Children’s protests in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963.

Sources used : https://www.biography.com/news/black-history-birmingham-childrens-crusade-1963-video

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