“something new”

Coal – Reem Z. Fakhoury

less than.

I am less than and you’re more than enough in this so called dictionary that everyone has a copy of except for me and my black and brown  brothers and sisters. 

there is no where for us to buy a copy of this dictionary because it was never made for me and you. there’s a belief that the more we are crushed the lesser we will feel or become but little did they know that degrading us would not ruin us. the more pushing and shoving and attempt at crushing turned us into diamonds. because 

we are coal. 

worth more than the belief given to us. we hold pride in who we are as we say our pieces and beam with the darkness is our skin and the beauty in our cultures. 

there is no book nor dictionary that should allow the degradation of our beautiful cultures and languages as we roll our R’s and change our sentences nor should there be a chapter or page regarding our skin because of the lack of melanin in someone’s skin shouldn’t allow the ability to strip the pride others have due to the presence of it in theirs.

we are coal. bound to become diamonds. and as you watch in disbelief, we will become what you all said we couldn’t. Because we are coal. 

Connection – 

This was a piece of mine I had already written, however, once our Unit with Professor Quillen during our first glimpses of Humanities, it immediately brought me back to this piece. The connection to this idea of who is human and who things were made for, ie, declaration of independence discussion, during Professor Quillen’s unit. I have for a long term have experienced situations where I have been considered and treated less than human for being a person of color, which is where this piece comes from. 

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